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Oracle Capital Funding

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Oracle Capital Funding LLC

Oracle Capital Funding LLC provides short-term, 3 to 12 months, working capital for a range of operational needs for an assortment of businesses. Typically, our clients choose to seek funding for temporary cash flow needs, to invest in new equipment, or make time-sensitive inventory purchases. RCF offers funding for small and medium businesses in all industries nationwide with at least 6 months operating history and with a minimum of $10,000 in revenue per month. In as little as 4 hours, your business could be on its way to funding after completing a one-page application and 4 months of bank statements.

As a private lender, Oracle Capital Funding LLC takes pride in investing in projects that traditional banks may deny, or may take months to approve. Our rapport with the borrowers can be summarized as a partnership for the duration of the cash advance: we never act as a broker, we are here for you every part of the way, from start to finish.

Who We Are

In order to offer the most competitive services, we streamline our application and screening processes in order to get you the funds you need quickly. By doing so, you get even faster access to capital means for your business to propel and stay on track.

We also take a unique approach to credit history when compared to traditional banking systems. Rather than looking back at six years, Oracle Capital Funding LLC pays attention to the recent work history of the company. This relevant information influences our lending decisions, not mistakes from six years ago. We understand that merchant cash advances can be a lifeline for business owners to have necessary cash for daily operations, so we have created an expedited process for these reasons.

Another benefit of the merchant cash advance for small to medium companies is the repayment schedule. Merchant cash advances do not have fixed payment amounts each month with a final end payment date. Instead, repayments are based in part by sales, providing repayment flexibility to business owners.

If you are interested in gaining capital to keep your business running and take advantage of the increasing demand, perhaps it is time to talk about a merchant cash advance. Move beyond the long waits for paperwork approval and consider the benefits of fast decisions, flexible repayments, and the opportunities that come with available working capital.


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